This is the official site for the OWS Bike Coalition.
Our mission as the Occupy Wall Street Bike Coalition is to get occupiers and activists fitted On bikes to sustain both our lifestyle and communities.  
OWS Bike Coalition will be holding Bike Solidarity Tuesday @2-7 every week. The day will include free bike repair, repair training classes, and awesome Bike Coalition meetings, and it will end in a bike ride to practice mobile tactics and safe riding. Join us every Tuesday at Times Up! on 99 S 6th St in Brooklyn:
2pm- Free bike repair and repair training classes
4pm- OWS Bike Coalition Meeting
7pm- Unite The Bike Tribes Ride
***PLEASE NOTE*** Due to a transition period bike tuesday will now only have a meet up.  Help us get our workshop back on it’s feet, contact us if you have tips for space! Check #BikeTuesday to find meeting.
Weekly Planning Meetings 
Every Thursday at 2:30pm we will be holding an action planning meeting at the Brooklyn Commons  (388 Atlantic Ave.) to discuss coming up actions and rides we will be participating in.
Critical Mass
The long history of Critical Mass is being preserved by the commitment of NYC Time’s Up and OWS Bike Coalition. Every friday we gather to ride in a fun and healthy environment through the streets of NYC. Although the Mass has suffered much repression in the past years it’s still going strong and we will be out every Friday @7pm.
(Also join for the Critical Mass pre-game with OWS Bike Coalition where we ride around fixing bikes and getting people excited and informed about the ride later in the day. Meet 2pm @Continental Army Plaza)
Mobile Bike Repair
A new project from the OWS Bike Coalition to help empower and sustain bike communities of NYC. We meet daily to ride around with our Mobile Repair Kit , helping out and teaching people how to fix and maintain a safe ride. 
A social media campaign from the OWS Bike Coalition. Send your reasons for riding to our tumblr, OWSBC@OWSBC.ORG or tweet @OWSBC. Let us know why you ride your horse and what keeps you going on these mean streets of NYC. Whether it’s just that it’s fun, or you just can’t stand to give the MTA anymore money, all stories are welcome
Community Calendar
This is the calendar of all of our upcoming and recurring eventsIf you have anything you would like to be posted to the calendar please comment here, or email OWSBC@OWSBC.ORG
If you would like to participate in any volunteer opportunities please visit our “Participate” Page or sign up for our google group https://groups.google.com/group/owsbikecoalition  
Need an On Call Bike Doctor??



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